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 30 day writing challenge

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PostSubject: 30 day writing challenge   Mon Jun 11, 2018 12:54 am

Use fan-dub or original and have fun. Allow forum rules!

from here

Day 1
Take us through a written walk down your street and to your favorite place through the eyes of somebody else.

Day 2
Think of three people in your life. Give your character the hair and laugh of person 1, the face and bedroom of person 2, and the wardrobe and mannerisms of person 3. This is your new protagonist. Feel free to give him or her any other characteristics you'd like. Give us an idea of who your character is by describing only the first 60 seconds of the character's day.

Day 3
Now send your character to his or her grumpy grandmother's house for a visit. Write the scene of your character's arrival.

Day 4
Imagine that your protagonist has just turned into a statue. Describe his or her thoughts.

Day 5
The last liquid you drank has turned your protagonist into a superhero. What do your character's new powers allow him or her to do?

Day 6
Think of your favorite food. Try to make it sound as disgusting as possible.

Day 7
Spoil the ending of your favorite movie without any context.

Day 8
Take a nondescript sentence such as, "How are you?" Write the same line from at least five different points of view.

Day 9
Turn a Tweet into a haiku.

Day 10
Try to convince your reader that the mythological creature of your choosing exists.

Day 11
You are now a dragon. Describe your hoard.

Day 12
Take the first line of your favorite novel. Remove and replace the nouns and verbs, and write a story that begins with your new line. Delete the first line.

Day 13
Think of the worst pain you've ever felt. Now give your protagonist a papercut and over-exaggerate the pain using your own descriptions.

Day 14
Your character meets somebody new on the bus. His or her opinion about the person is changed by the end of the bus trip. How did this change occur?

Day 15
Characterize the second-last app on your phone or the last website you've visited (before this one). Send this new character to the supermarket.

Day 16
The last thing you touched (other than the keyboard, mouse, screen, etc.) is trying to kill your protagonist. Explain why.

Day 17
A magic trick involving cards has gone horribly wrong. What are the consequences?

Day 18
Free write about your first protagonist (from Day 1) meeting the new character from Day 15.

Day 19
Cross an item off your bucket list by doing it in your writing.

Day 20
Ask somebody you know how his or her day was. Make any kind of poem out of their answer.

Day 21
Your character's skeleton is trying to escape his or her body. Describe what happens.

Day 22
Find a cliché you absolutely hate. Rewrite it while keeping the intended meaning intact.

Day 23
Make an existing protagonist into an antagonist by changing one small thing about him or her. Write a pitch that sells this antagonist's story.

Day 24
Put your favorite poem through a translator into a different language and then back again. Do this until the poem is no longer recognizable. Rewrite it and turn it into lyrics for a song.

Day 25
One of your characters has been mistaken for somebody else. Write what happens next.

Day 26
Write the log line for a mockumentary.

Day 27
Tell the story of a man who lives in a motel.

Day 28
Your character picks up a locket or a frame. Explain its contents and their significance.

Day 29
Think of your greatest fear. If it's an object, person, or place, make it sound loveable. If it's some kind of experience, make it sound fun.

Day 30
Finish a story with the line, "Nothing ever felt easier to say."

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30 day writing challenge
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