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I don't own anything that isn't mine.
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PostSubject: Lisa   Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:11 pm

Name: Lisa
Nickname(s): Princess
Birthday: June 5th
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair: long dark brownish black that looks more black then brown. Her bangs goes to her shoulders with the right bang hanging over her right side of her face.
Eyes: Deep blue eyes that changes to deep maroon when pissed off.
Height: 5'8
Skin: pale
Birthplace: The summoner village.
Status: single. (She's gets paired up with mostly Kuja but can be paired up with Zidane)
Likes: Flowers, running around, taking Vince's mage hat, being taking by Kuja and annoying Zidane.
Dislikes: Zidane flirting with her, getting orders, being a princess, get summons not listening to her and Kuja being dead.
Seme/(dom) Uke/(sub): Mostly uke.
Story: She was born in the summoner village but a year before it disappeared, her mother took her out to sea and ended up on the lost continent. There the queen of a lost kingdom (makeup kingdom) found the young child and her mother. The queen took them in and with the mother's ok, Lisa became the princess. As her mother become her maid. (Yes, the mother was ok with this... oddly)
Years later, the queen got one of the black mage's to teach her how to use her magic as her maid helped her with the summoning magic. Sadly it didn't go so well. Lisa didn't take to white magic yet she did take to black magic as she used water on everyone for a week. As for summoning, Shiva wouldn't answer her calling yet the others would.
Around her 17th birthday, a weird male showed up to talk to the queen. Lisa got interested in him when she saw his white dragon the day before. She spied on the talking that the queen had with the silver hair male but hid then he left.
The night before his left the kingdom, she got to meet him. She learned that he's name was Kuja and that he just wanted her 'mother' to help him. When he didn't say for what, she just smiled at him and asked if he was a mage or magic user. Interested, he turned her question against her, only for her to tell him that she was a summoner and black magic user.
A few months later, she was sent to her cousin, Garnet's kingdom for her birthday. There she ran into Kuja again. He commented that fate was pulling them together then went to talk to Garnet's mother. Lisa didn't spy on them since her black magic teacher, Vince was trying to get her to work on her magic.
-Blah... blah, blah... I'll do a story about her. so you get the point.-

Setting: FF9(my fav final fantasy game)
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