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I don't own anything that isn't mine.
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PostSubject: Raine   Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:09 pm

Name: Raine
Nicknames: Rai or Rain
Birthday: June 12
Gender: Female
Age: She's a year young then Kyouya.
Race: Human
Hair: long black hair with red bangs. She normally has her left bang in her face, hiding her left eye.
Eyes: aqua blue eyes.
She had long black hair than her normally has down to her lower back with her red bangs in her face. She keeps her left eye hidden under her bangs for a unknown reason. She likes to wear gothic outfits when she can but normally she wears a normal t-shirt over a net-like under shirt that has long sleeve, blue jean skirt that stops above her knees and her favorite black boots that go up to her knees.
Height: 5'6
Blood Type: 0+
Skin: pale
Birthplace: Japan
Personality: She keeps to herself and is very quiet when she's around a lot of people. She's sweet, caring and is mainly a good girl.
Likes: watching Kyouya beybattle with or without him knowing, reading, cooking, trying to beyblade thou she sucks at it and being alone.
Dislikes: watching others beybattle, being bored, being around a lot of people, fighting and yelling
Seme/(dom) Uke/(sub): uke I think. I'm sure she's still has her V-card unless something happened and I don't know it.
Hobbies: reading fantasy books, and cooking.
Loves/Crushes: Kyouya
Pets: none
Story: After she lost her older brother in a car crash, she became really quiet.She wont talk to anyone about it. She keeps his old beyblade with her at all times even if she can't beyblade to save her life yet she tries.
She watches her favorite blader bey-battle when she don't want to go home or she's walking around, looking like she's lost.
To her, home wasn't the house she lived in. She didn't feel like she had a home.

Setting: Beyblade MF
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