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Here's are all of the credits/disclaims:
Ideas from: X x X x X
Graphics by: Salya, and own members.
Pixels by: their rightful owners.

I don't own anything that isn't mine.
If I didn't give the right credits to someone, please let me know in the Cbox or PM. I promise to update this when needed.

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PostSubject: Raikou   Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:00 pm

Name: Raikou
Nickname(s): Kai
Birthday: Something in Spring
Gender: Male
Age: 300+
Hair: Long silver colored locks.
Eyes: Redish
Ears/Tail(s): Silver fox ears and nine tails. (only one tail shows)
Height: 6'0
Skin: fair
Birthplace: Unknown
Status: Single
Likes: napping, being lazy, watching child play and getting his hair played with.
Dislikes: his nine tails, being different, females, and hunters.
Seme/(dom) Uke/(sub): uke since he's too lazy to be dom.
BackGround: working on it.
Setting: Uhm.... Original?
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