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 Forum Plans

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PostSubject: Forum Plans   Thu Nov 29, 2018 4:50 pm

Hi guys and girls. Salya here and I wanted to post what I have Planed for Tainted Wingz Forums or TWs Forums. So here's what I plan for this forum and hope will happen.


First, I would like to tell you why I made this forum and for what reason. Well it's simple. I wanted a forum for people young and old to chat, share their graphis/stories/art, and well have fun. I wanted a forum that would work well with my site, Tainted Wingz and so this forum was born. Sure, I jumped hosts a few times then stayed here since I like this host the most. I can make the forum more personal with graphics and such.

So yea... Enough of that. Now onto the plans.

The Plans:
-Big Library of Stories.
   I plan on have a lot of both fanfictions and original stories from the members, well I hope since I get bored a lot and love to read something new. My interesting are weird and charge a LOT. So why not, have a lot to read from? Plus I would like to see how members improve on their writing skill over time.

-Big Library of Graphics.
   On this plan, I hope others would be interested in, but I plan on have a lot of resources and free graphics. As well watch members skill improve over time. I personal love making graphics, and I see a lot of online people do it, so why not plan for a big graphic library?

-Coding area?
   Okay, I don't plan on a big coding library since bcode isn't that interesting to do codes with. Myself, I can do simple codes, but that's all. But if the forum gets a big coding library then neat. I would be interesting in learning.

-Role-play areas
   Ah, Role-play, one of my favorite things to do. No, really, I love role-playing. Sure I don't rp much as it is, but I love reading over past RPs and doing on once in a while. But for the forum, I plan on a big active role-play areas. Mostly in the Main Role-Play and Forgotten Worlds. I would like my Elyasia rp area to be active but I don't know.

-Site School
   Now this is might be an odd plan since I personal HATE school and never when to college. But, my RL husband is going to college as of 2018-2019?(may need to edit that later) So yea... Yet, even though I hate school, I love learning. So why not do a school on the forum. I love writing and making graphics, so why have a school where members can teach others or learn from others.

   I plan to have challenges for everythings, for members can do some on whichever challenge they they. 

   Hmm I would like to do more with stamps. Like members can earn them as awards for doing something on the site. such as; Challenges, Role-play events*, Events and etc. I'm not trying to steal, but I would like to use stamps like they do here. They are all Sailor Moon as I'm more original. I might add a new set of mods who will be in charge of making stamps. I don't know yet.

   I plan on doing a lot of events yearly and monthly. From RP monthly events to Secret Santa. Which the Festivals are events too. 

-Promotion area
   I don't have an plans for this area but if it's gets big, then yay?

and that's all of the plans that I have. I hope you all like and would help me.
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Forum Plans
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