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Please think about joining us. We offer artwork, Events, Challenges, Graphics, Stories and a lot more to keep you from bored. We always need ideas to help get this forum new things, to keep boredom away from our members. So, please think about joining our forum.

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Top 100 Disney RPG Sites RPG Initiative RPG-D HG Sufficient Unto the Day PLEDGE -- a pokémon roleplay Witchlight Convergence

All ads must be 150 by 400. And you need 20 posts before added yours.

Here's are all of the credits/disclaims:
Ideas from: Shadowplay, FFN, fictionpress and Assassin's Den
Graphics by: Salya, and own members.

I don't own anything that isn't mine.
If I didn't give the right credits to someone, please let me know in the Cbox or PM. I promise to update this when needed.

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 Apply for Staff

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PostSubject: Apply for Staff   Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:40 pm

Hello there, I'm the founder/admin of this small site. Call me Salya. ^^

As you heard, we are looking for some helpers to help keep this site clean and well going. ^_^ So I only ask for active members to apply for the jobs listed below.

The jobs and what they do:
1 Co-Admin Must not change was I did, yet may updated or fix if needed. May add new areas if needed.
(Only the most active member can apply for this.)
1 Writing mod(s) must post new writing tips, help with spelling errors and help others.
1 graphics mod(s) must post new graphic tips, help with graphics, and help others.
4 Awards mod(s)/team who will give out awards to members that earn them.
More mods may be needed when the site gets bigger.

All mods must help in the challenges areas and will help with Site Events and other things that I may need help with. Also they are allowed to use Role-play characters for both staff and rp, I don't mind.

There is one thing you all sure know, I use random photos on the graphics since for now I'm the only one doing them, but any kind is allowed. RLish to Animeish.

-Be active for 4 weeks with 25 posts or more.
-For graphic or writing mods, you must have a gallery in either the graphic area or writing area.
-Co-Admin will need to be the most active member here with over 100 posts, have a gallery in both graphic and writing areas, and show that I can trust you.

Here's a form for you to fill out.
Why do you want to be a Mod?
Which job are you applying for?
Any skills?
Anything else you would like to tell me?
If or When you are hired, fill this small form out then sent it to me in a PM:
Photo*: any character or actor/actress or animal.

* The photo is for this: The red will be removed and the character photo you picked will replaced it with whichever photo you picked. The job title will overlay into the photo.
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Apply for Staff
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