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 Houses and such idea

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PostSubject: Houses and such idea   Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:27 am

Here's an Idea I got from Sims 4. I been playing it alot since I'm not always online thanks to poor Network.. -glares at her cellphone- So here's the idea.

What if you could use your gold on houses, and items that you can 'place' in them?

Here's what I or anyone of the staff can do. Post layouts of houses in an shop, where you all can go buy at. Items to get for your house will be in another shop. Both shops will be Main shops for this idea.

Members can design items to be added to the item shop. Houses too.

Since I play a LOT of Sims.. My layouts will be from there. In fact, I can go get screenshots of the starter homes you can get on there. XD

So yea... Oh to add to this idea, we can also add a pet shop, where you can buy a pet. lol

Households will only have 6 members. Counting pets. One house per member. You will be able to update to a bigger house as time goes on.

Pets: for this idea, I will make random pets on Sims 4 of different Dogs and Cats. Sadly I don't play Sims 3 no more, but For anyone who loves farms, I will somehow get farm animals... I wish Sims 4 will add farm animals already. BUT for Fox lovers, like me. Foxes were added as a small dog. So I will add some foxes. lol

Note: Sims 4 will be getting Farm Expansion... when I don't know but if we get one, I'll get it and then if this idea works out, I'll add farm items.

Oh here's all of the things you can do in Sims 4 that I might try to work into this idea.
-Planting. Vegs and flowers.
-Pets. Dogs, Cats, Foxes and Raccoon
-fishing. Not sure how to add this.
-Skills. Some from Sims will not be added, but this will be added somehow.
-Jobs. Good way to get money.. but how to add this...
-Collectibles. Not sure...

Here's info about the household aka Family.
-Make one main character to start out with. Form will be made for this.
-Finding Love. Members will be able to make an other character for their main or get with another member's character.
-Kids will be able to be made later.
-adopting kids and pets will be allowed.
-Your Gold on the forum will be your character's fond.

More will be added.

I will be using Sims 4 guides for plants as such. When I'm not adding RL plants. As for Items for the houses, Members, who can design couches, chairs etc, you will be needed for this. Since I'm sure you all dont want me to full use Sims for everything on this item lol. Which I do use CC on Sims, but still.
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Houses and such idea
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