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I don't own anything that isn't mine.
If I didn't give the right credits to someone, please let me know in the Cbox or PM. I promise to update this when needed.

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 Site Reveiws

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PostSubject: Site Reveiws   Tue Jul 17, 2018 11:07 am

Here I will post the reviews I got about our forum's reviews.

From Support forum's, Stephen
Quote :

TW Forums


Forum Appearance
Members and Forum

Staff and

Grammar and

  • Feedback

    • Okay so when I opened your forum site, the first impression that I
      would say would be good but at the same time that some things that needs
      to be looked on. I'll start first with your forum's appearance, I like
      how your main banner designed however I just notice that the shadow
      border is quite thick especially on it's edges of the banner. I would
      suggest that if you could adjust the border that could give your banner a
      more professional look. Second would be the Ads Widget, I observe
      mostly that ads is very frequently used by many communities/forums. But for me the ads on your forum is not place on the right area, also in addition the ads space is quite big making making your forum looks like overlapping. I would highly suggest to you that try to add your ads on the center above your forum's categories or below near the footer of your forum. In that way you can also save some spaces for your forum! Your forum's activity is quite low, same with the number of users on your forum. I can also see that most of the post are coming from the founder(You) which I couldn't
      really say that it is a very active forum even it has number of posts.
      The usergroups of your forum has only 4 and 1 of them are not considered
      as a usergroup since it has the title "members" which is obviously
      members are instantly join on that group. Now as I have checked, you're the only one currently running the forum, For me maybe a helping buddy would be nice to let them join your staff group so even while you're away they will run and moderate your forum. Your forum's originality is average, I can see most of it's design from a phpBB theme(which I forgot the name) and you've only modify it slightly. If you could change some of it's major content which involves CSS,Javascript, etc. then that would boost up your forum's originality! For your Grammar and spelling I just notice that on the "Rules and Guidelines" the description was "Come here first and read the rules before you post.Other into you need to know is in this area." Maybe the "into" should be "Information" For me my suggestion would be like this  "Come here first and read the rules before you post. Other information you need to will be posted here." Also in the credits widget the text are like this: "Here's are all of the credits/disclaims:" For me it should be like this: "Here are all the credits/disclaims". Lastly I would overall say that everything on your forum is that it has a potential to become an active community or even to become a big forum with tons of users. All you have to do is to just focus on the things that you might think that can boost your forum and also don't forget to make unique things that can attract many people in joining your forum.

  • Forum Strengths

    • Easy Navigation
    • Active Forum Owner
    • Useful/Unique Forum Widgets

  • Forum Weaknesses

    • Overlapping Space
    • Lack of activity/users(including usergroups)
    • Slightly Grammar & Spelling error

Review Score:
7.42/10 (Not bad!
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Posts : 509
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Age : 30
Location : Darkness realm

PostSubject: Re: Site Reveiws   Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:44 pm

From Support forum's, ChanelW

Quote :


       TW Forums
First Impressions
Forum Appearance
Members and Forum Activity
Staff and Usergroups
Forum Originality
Grammar and Spelling
Reviewer's Feedback


  • Feedback

    • Looking at your forum the first thing that grabs my attention is the banner and the glistening background of your forum, which looks like you’re looking up at the night sky. We are also greeted by a welcome message, makes guests feel rather welcome and they have some sort of guide to follow. So far your first impressions seem to be rather interesting. Starting with the general appearance of your forum, I think the banner is great and is a real eye opener. I’d make the same suggestion as Stephen- has done so, maybe adjusting the gradient of the border will balance out the colours and give your forum a more sleek and professional look. I really like the design of the navigation bar and how each section is individual rather than one bar. The ad below the navigation bar, again I think Stephen- mentioned. It looks out of place and would be more fitting in the Portal area or at the footer of your forum. I think the category icons are cute but after a while scrolling down they become quite repetitive, I feel that adding icons which relate the category would be more useful for members and guests in order to locate specific categories. The background of your forum is very interesting and ties very well with the banner. At the footer of your portal page I noticed that your social media icons were a little out of place, Facebook is a little further up than Google+ and Twitter. Apart from my suggestions, you’ve made good use of widgets in your forum and I really like the forum design! Moving on now, looking at members and forum activity. It seems that your forum isn’t very active, this could be because your forum is new or the activity has declined. I would suggest reaching out to other forums, affiliating and promoting your forum (if you have not already) I do see that you have a promotion topic open here at the ESF as well you have affiliates, keep working on promoting your forum and reach out so that you can attract new members. Once you have a community you should then work at maintaining the community with methods of entertainment etc. I’d suggest hosting competitions within your forum, having community discussions and attempting to keep a close-knit community. Now looking at staff and user groups, It’s great to see that you have three groups ‘Administrators’,’ Moderators’ and ‘Members’. However, it seems that we do not have a great number of staff as a result from a low member count. I would suggesting a staff recruitment drive if the forum activity increases so that you can keep on top of moderation and the community’s needs. I’d say your forum is moderately unique in terms of forum originality, I can’t say that I haven’t seen a few forums which are quite similar to yours. Adding a few features and changing up the design would make your forum a lot more fun and original. I did pick up on a few grammar and spelling mistakes which I will list for you. The category - Questions, Problems, and Suggestions should be “Questions, Problems and Suggestions.” The Library of Ra description, “This is where all of the writings go. So if you like to read or write, this is an place for you.” Should be “This is where all of the writing goes. If you like to read or write, this is the place for you.” The category Challenges “want a challenge yourself? well come here. ^_^” should be “Want to challenge yourself? Well come here!” Personally, I do not think the “^_^” look professional in category descriptions and aren’t really needed. There are also a few category descriptions which do not begin with capital letters, make sure to check those. The same with full stops. Overall, your forum has a great look to it. I would look at establishing goals for your forum, for example, boosting the activity. Achieve those goals and make your forum better than ever, activity is a must and needs to be worked on in order to have an active community. Best of luck with your forum, keep up the great work!

  • Forum Strengths

    • Good use of widgets
    • Welcoming to new guests
    • Forum design

  • Forum Weaknesses

    • Forum activity
    • Lack of staff


Average Review Score: 7.48 /10

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Posts : 509
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PostSubject: Re: Site Reveiws   Wed Aug 22, 2018 11:04 am

From: Jadster at the Support form.

Quote :


       TW Forums
First Impressions
Forum Appearance
Members and Forum Activity
Staff and Usergroups
Forum Originality
Grammar and Spelling
Reviewer's Feedback


  • Feedback

    • So let me start off by saying it was fun getting to review a newer forum because they are ones that give a lot of room for improvement. Starting out you have a total of 12 members and 144 messages which averages to 12 messages per user evenly so that isn't bad. The biggest thing I would have to say you should work on with your forum at this point are a few things. First one being to try and expand your design a bit and fill up some of the empty space on the sides of the forum. A small and very thin website can become unappealing and drive people away. Another thing I would recommend working on is your forum activity and getting some active members on the site daily to help boost your content and make the forum look active. It is hard to get new people to join when the site looks like it has no activity because people these days immediately will assume that the forum is inactive and that they wouldn't want to waste their time signing up. Not saying that is the case with yours, it is just something that can and likely will happen with some visitors. With your site being new it is crucial that you get your activity rolling sooner rather then later. But looking at what you have done well, the design in it of itself is very appealing by itself aside from the open spacing. It is a nice dark theme with images that compliment it and the color scheme isn't hard on the eyes so it works well with your overall theme. Also having that visitor box that greets the visitors and helps give them a reason to join is also a nice touch as not every forum has that or they choose not to use it. So I would definitely keep going with that. I did notice some text and grammar errors, especially some on the portal. Maybe just take some time to look through your descriptions and such to make sure you get any errors fixed.
             Those are just some suggestions I would start with. I know your site is new and there is always room for growth. It was definitely enjoyable getting to review your website and I can't wait to see what you decide to do with your forum going forward. I look forward to the day I get to review it again. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your review, feel free to let me know.

  • Forum Strengths

    • Creative website design
    • Good intro box for visitors

  • Forum Weaknesses

    • Lots of empty space on sides.
    • Forum Activity
    • Usergroups


Average Review Score: 6.8 /10
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PostSubject: Re: Site Reveiws   

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Site Reveiws
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