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 What to do with our school?

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PostSubject: What to do with our school?   Tue Jun 26, 2018 4:33 pm

So yea, I know that we only have a few members but what ideas do you guys/girls have for our school on here?

You may also sign up for being teachers for the first term.
1st term Teachers:

But here are things we need to plan out: subjects, Classroom layouts, lesson plans and how long our terms are.

Here on TW forums, we are for role-playing, designs, drawing, writing and codes(new). So should our school have classes for them? Or do you think we should more?

Classroom Layouts
This is more about how the sub-boards/folders will look on the forum it's self. On ShadowPlay, they do.... nevermind they don't do it anymore, but their classrooms where like bends, writing, etc. Nothing really interesting. I saw a few other forums do a school for it's members but nothing interesting. So what do you peeps like the layout to be like and what should we name each classroom?

Lesson plans
so teachers, this is for you. how do you want the lessons to go? I don't really know what to say since I mostly won't be a teacher since I'm not good at anything to teach others.

Lastly, terms, just how long do you guys want them to last? How many lessons to you teachers want to teach per term? I say teams should be 4-8 weeks, a month or 2 long, starting a new term after 2 months after the last one. As for lessons, that's up to the teachers. But what I say isn't put into stone, so what do you say?

So yea, comment below with your ideas and such.

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What to do with our school?
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